Deborah Ann Jantsch, MD

Dear Friends and Patients:

     When I last communicated with you, I spoke of retirement from practice and closing my healthcare business.  Since that time, I have had many requests from you for recommendations of practitioners that share my functional and holistic model and would continue a mission of service to all the folks I have visited during the last six years at Naturally Healthcare for Women, LLC.

     My search for passionate and like-minded practitioners has led me to Kansas City Integrative Health and Dr. Laura Rues, a naturopathic doctor, who also has experience, training and great interest in women's healthcare services.  Dr. Rues is associated with additional naturopathic doctors, doctors of chiropractic care, nurse practitioners, massage therapists and counseling providers.  All providers practice within a comfortable, healing space, conveniently located in Overland Park - across from Johnson County Community College.

     Dr. Rues has offered me an office within the walls of Kansas City Integrative Health to practice part-time.  I share space in the facility while having the advantage of wonderful staff to answer phones, make appointments and introduce you to all the services provided.  I gain the flexibility and support that I need and the opportunity to stay connected with all of you at any level that you desire.  You gain the access to additional practitioners and services that can contribute to your healing journey.

     Since I am very excited about this opportunity, I am sharing it with you.  Besides this letter, you may receive an e-mail or phone call so that you know that I am still available.  The only contact will be healthcare services related, per our agreement, and an opt-out is always your right.

     If you choose to see one of the other practitioners for ongoing consultation, you will be asked to agree to transfer of medical records and only then will records be shared, with your permission, in a HIPAA compliant need-to-know manner.  Your privacy is very important to us. 

     My contact information is still available to you as stated in my last letter.  Please, use the phone number of Kansas City Integrative Health, provided below, to connect and re-connect with your healthcare providers of choice for consultation. 

     As always, I continue to encourage you to keep your relationships with insurance-based providers for emergencies, hospitalizations and after hours care.

     Well, this is another transition and it is my complete wish that my reaching out will have positive benefits for many of you.

 Best regards,


Deborah Ann Jantsch, MD

Please visit the Kansas City Integrative Health New Patient Page to read more about our focus and how we can provide insight into your specific case.  We are glad you have arrived here and hope to see you soon.