21- Day Transformation Detoxification

The holidays are around the corner; filled with candy, pumpkin spice lattes, festive desserts, and second helpings. When it comes to eating around the holidays, you can find yourself on a slippery slope.

Before you become immersed in this holiday season craze, take action to get geared up for the holidays--healthier than ever! This 21-day transformation detoxification is aimed at eliminating the sluggish feelings, extra weight, insomniac feelings, and fatigue, while boosting energy, clarity of thought, mood, and vitality!

Tell me more...

This transformation program consists of a 21-day metabolic cleanse, with weekly instruction and meetings to educate you on how to minimize toxins and chemicals you are exposed to on a regular basis and engage you in depuration activities that will optimize and enhance the detoxification functions of your digestive organs. 

You will receive:

  1. An initial evaluation with the doctor to determine if you qualify for this program, run appropriate pre-program lab testing and assess your health goals for the program
  2. A physician grade support drink formula that is specific and appropriate for you
  3. Weekly instruction in a group setting, including health guidance on nutrition, stress, environmental toxins, and the depuration process
  4. Improvement in health!

Not sure if it's right for you?

Schedule a consultation at no cost to you to find out more and to meet the doctor. She'll be able to answer your questions!