Athletic Performance

Whether you are training for your first 5K, working with a trainer to get stronger, a collegiate athlete, or gearing up for your 10th Iron man, as an athlete you are striving to excel. 

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Athletes are always searching for a better way: the best ratio of carbs/protein/fat intake, the newest supplement, the best training technique, the proper amount of hydration or fuel during their event. Ultimately, athletes are looking for the secret that will make it possible to have the cutting edge on their opponent, or to at least look good while trying. However, the information out there can be confusing and often damaging, sometimes with serious side effects. Even if you are doing everything “right” it may still feel like you aren’t performing to your best. We can help. 

Common Concerns for Athletes:

  • Stress of training on the gut

  • Nutrient imbalances/malnutrition

  • Hormone imbalances

  • Food sensitivities triggering inflammation

  • Life balance/compromising sleep to squeeze in an extra workout

  • Over training and loss of lean tissue


We address these issues and more, with focus on preventing dysfunction, disease, and decreased body performance. Through lab testing, physical exams, and history taking, the functional medicine approach is individual to your specific needs. When used appropriately, supplements and proper nutrition can help athletes achieve goals faster and with less injury to the body.

Functional Medicine is your road map in this never-ending journey toward optimum health and ultimate athletic performance as it specializes in analyzing the individual and helping to identify imbalances that may be affecting your optimal performance.  

Here at KCIH we address dysfunction and help you develop a personal plan that puts you on the path of success.