Botanical Medicine and Infertility

Botanical medicine has been used for centuries for improving fertility. With cutting edge research, studies verify the effectiveness of many of these herbs. An example of this includes an Ayurvedic herb, Withania somnifera, otherwise called ashwaganda. This herb is known traditionally to help with stress by supporting the adrenals (and normalizing the stress hormone "cortisol"), and it has been shown to improve stress and perceived quality of life (WOW!).

Because of its "stress-reducing" properties, ashwaganda may be effective in treating infertility, especially male infertility related to "stress".  Treatment with this herb in a clinical study led to decreased stress, improved anti-oxidants and semen quality. 

Ashwaganda is only one example of how botanical medicine can be used to increase fertility and to attain a successful pregnancy. Often, with my patients, I combine multiple different herbs into a specific formula for a patient, specifically tailored to that person's situation and cause of infertility.

Individualized medicine is your greatest chance for success.