Our approach is different. We want to create an experience where you feel heard, understood, and are given the quality care you deserve.


Individualized Medicine

Your health is not like anyone else's. You are not defined by your condition or disease, you are a person with a unique personal and medical history. We recognize this, and we strive to provide care that is designed uniquely for you. We individualize every single patient's treatment to fit their health condition, goals, and lifestyle. 

Digging Deeper

Our focus is to provide extraordinary care, not simply treat the physical symptoms. A naturopathic doctor or functional medicine provider may use all forms of health care, from conventional medication to alternative therapies, to treat you. However, instead of being treated solely with medications, we look at all the potential factors that may be causing your condition. The treatment plan may involve natural therapies to relieve symptoms, but the provider may use other interventions to also prevent any further occurrence. As you can imagine, digging deeper to determine the underlying cause takes time, and your visit is likely to be more extensive than any other physician appointment you've experienced in the past. 

A Healing Environment

Kansas City Integrative Health is designed to be a comfortable setting to provide a place to support your healing and well-being. We pride ourselves on creating an atmosphere where our patients feel valued, relaxed, and understood.


Schedule a no-cost consultation, which includes time with one of our providers to learn about how we can get you back to vibrant health.