Male Infertility

Difficulties with conception is approximately 40% female factor, 40% male factor, and 20% both or unknown.

Studies show that sperm counts are declining, often due to a hormone imbalance and increased oxidative damage to the sperm.  An estimated six percent of adult males are thought to be infertile and an estimated 15 percent of couples attempting their first pregnancy will have difficulty conceiving.


Our approach aims to address the root cause of low fertility in men, including addressing every system within the body, rather than just the reproductive system. Many times couples who cannot fall pregnant is because of sub-clinical conditions, which are often contributors to the difficulty.  There are many nutritional interventions for increasing sperm count, mobility, and motility. Often addressing the underlying medical conditions, environmental exposures, and stress can increase a man's fertility.

For more detailed information on treating infertility naturally, please contact the office and schedule a 15-minute consultation at no cost. We would be happy to answer your questions.