Endometriosis: You Have Options

Natural & effective Therapies

Kansas City Integrative Health focuses on the cause of endometriosis, not just the symptoms. While we address the pain, infertility and fatigue associated with endometriosis, we also take an approach to address the underlying cause of the condition. We strive to create a new patient experience, one where you are listened to and have your needs addressed. Endometriosis is a difficult condition, but you don't have to suffer.

Endometriosis is caused by a hormonal imbalance among other different factors, affecting the severity of the condition. Endometrial tissue escapes the uterus and places itself elsewhere in the body, usually within the abdominal cavity. When a woman cycles, the tissue responds, resulting in pain. Common symptoms include:

  • severe menstrual pain

  • pain with sex

  • ovulatory pain

  • infertility

  • chronic fatigue

Endometriosis is associated with a number of environmental influences, as well as a hormonal component. There is often an imbalance of inflammatory messengers in the body, an excess of estrogen, an autoimmune role, and a genetic component. Naturopathic treatment of endometriosis involves resolving the presence of existing endometriosis tissue, regulating hormones that contribute to the disease (including excess estrogen and low progesterone), pain relief, and prevention of recurrence of this tissue.