Holistic Health Care

What is "Holistic Medicine" and how is it different from conventional care? 

Holistic medicine focuses on the whole person, recognizing that every patient has a body, mind and spirit. But also recognizes that your skin is connected to your digestion and hormones just as much as "your knee bone is connected to your hip bone". In this person-based approach, instead of the conventional systems-based approach, doctors are able to step back and put the pieces together, dig deeper, and understand the WHY of a disease (why did you develop this condition, why are the hormones abnormal, why can't you get pregnant, and so on). 

In this holistic manner, healing is brought about by addressing the underlying cause of disease. It involves a more thorough investigation into any health disrupting activities, foods, lifestyle factors, and more. You are the center of the functional medicine process, not the diagnosis or disease. 

Holistic medicine uses a unique treatment plan to address your personal, medical, nutritional and therapeutic needs to provide relief of symptoms and improved overall health. 

Posted on May 15, 2015 .