Mindfulness, Movement & Meditation


Mindfulness, Movement & Meditation

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Would you like more balance in your life? How about more energy?   Sleep?  What about manifest more abundance in your life?

 Discover mindfulness practice in the form of sitting meditation, body awareness, mindful movement, and yoga.

 Yoga is a life philosophy that uses mindfulness to guide you to find your inner wisdom.  It helps you to live in harmony with both yourself and the world around you.  For thousands of years, people heave practiced yoga in the form of movements, breathing, and meditation to keep the body healthy, to relax the mind, and to achieve focus in life.  Whether you are a veteran yogi or a novice, this workshop is for you.  We invite you to learn more about mindfulness, movement and meditation, especially how it relates your health. And then experience the benefits of yoga and meditation in a fun, comfortable, supportive environment.



· Guidance on how mindfulness, meditation, and movement practices can transform your health

· Guided Yoga Session

· Techniques for implementing Mindfulness in your own life

· Guided Meditation Session

 We are excited to be hosting Joni Van Horn to lead the yoga session!


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