Infertility: The Individualized Approach

In order for conception to occur, not only hormones but every system in the body must be finely-tuned and balanced. Our approach focuses on improving a couple’s overall health and well-being, thereby increasing fertility in order for pregnancy to occur naturally. Every person is a unique combination of health history, family, environment, diet, therefore every aspect of my approach is specifically tailored to you and your partner as a whole person.


A comprehensive evaluation, including laboratory testing, can help identify the underlying causes in women (or men) with an established diagnosis or with unexplained fertility that may have resulted in imbalanced hormone or other systems in the body. We approach each person as an individual and treatments are always personalized and combine prescriptions of clinical nutrition, essential nutrients, minerals, acupuncture, herbal medicine, lifestyle changes, as well as mind-body relaxation techniques. 

Want to learn more? We provide 15-minute consultations at no cost to you to answer any additional questions you may have.