How can I heat up my love life while trying to get pregnant?

Having difficulties conceiving can surround your sex life with a significant amount of stress and pressure. Infertility can be physically and emotionally draining, and takes its toll on any relationship. Active intimacy and sex in a couple is important to strengthen your bond and keep that spark alive! Here are some tips for the bedroom:

Complement each other, daily. Does she look extra sexy after the shower? Did he make you dinner? Whenever possible, say nice things to your partner to encourage loving feelings between you two.

Create the right atmosphere and allow time for foreplay. Before the romance even begins, set the mood. Start with a massage, foot rub, sensual shower together, or a date night.

Avoid sex on a schedule. Scheduling sex around ovulation might help you get pregnant, but also can kill the mood. Focus on ovulation at a different time of the day, and keep your tracking tools out of the bedroom—looking at a flowchart beforehand can increase anxiety surrounding sex. Make a point to be in the moment with your partner, and not in your head focusing on something else (like body temperature)!

Connect on a deeper level. Communication between you and your partner is vital, and being spiritually aware of yourself and your partner can increase appreciation. It can also improve your sex life. Focus on enjoying every moment with them, with a goal of mutually satisfying sex. 


Infertility may play a role and add extra stress to a relationship. Take the time to learn more about what you can do for your health and fertility. If you have more questions, contact your naturopathic doctor today!

Posted on December 17, 2014 .