Do You Really Need Supplements?

Modern lifestyles typically involve juggling home and work lives. We are often left juggling work, family, finances, and other activities. This leaves little time devoted to quality food choices and meals, often leading instead to convenient foods that tend to be higher in fat refined carbohydrates and sodium and usually involve extensive processing. This further processing and refining can destroy and remove nutrients. A diet that relies on processed foods is deficient in micronutrient intake and low serum concentrations of vitamin A, E, C, B12, folate and carotenoids. This diet is also lower in nutrients and essential fats, which are critical for healthy cardiovascular function, inflammatory balance and brain support.

Our Food Has Lost Nutrients Since 1950

And eating a healthy diet may not be enough. Even if it meets the recommended servings of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, essential fatty acids and lean sources of protein, you still may not ensure ample nutrient intake due to changes in our food supply. A recent comparison study evaluated nutrient content from 1950 data to modern day foods showed:

     •6% decrease in protein
     •16% decrease in calcium
     •9% decrease in phosphorus
     •15% decrease in iron
     •38% decrease in riboflavin
     •20% decrease in ascorbic acid

These changes are thought to be due to changes in growing regions, farming & ranching practices, industrial waste and contamination, storage time and transportation, and increased atmoshpheric carbon dioxide. 

You can take control of your nutrition! 

Hope is not lost! Brightly colored foods and vegetables are still best! Avoid overcooking them, and focus on buying fresh produce.

Additionally, a high quality nutritional supplement that has highly bioavailable nutrients can help make up for the deficiencies in your food. Before you start on any supplementation, be sure to ask your naturopathic doctor or primary care physician!

Confused on what supplements you should be taking? Schedule a consultation, we're more than happy to answer your questions.

Posted on January 21, 2015 .